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Related article: Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 00:15:14 -0500
From: Jared Junior
Subject: Family of Surprises :Surprising myself ~ 3rd Install ~Bisexual/incest It was either my fondest dream or my worst nightmare. Over the last 45
minutes I had watched my eldest son fuck a girl and then I came on myself. I
then masterbated thinking about Josh fucking his big teenaged cock into Lisa
until I once again exploded. Now, as my hard on raged on into a new life, I
was listening to my youngest son Clint being jacked off by his older
brother. It was more than I could stand and I just had to go back to my
I was very excited thinking about what my sons were doing. I decided to
take a shower and my cock was rock hard the entire time. I never thought I
would see my kids as sexual objects. I had already gotten off twice today
thinking about one very young loli pix son and the thought of the other had my prick stretching
the limits of my skin.
Clint is a very attractive boy but in ways that Josh never was at his
age. Where Josh had been the skinny awkward blonde Clint is a stout kid with
coal black hair and bright blue eyes. His skin complexion came more from
his mother and then all his other looks came from me. He is a solid boy
though. Not a bit of fat on him.
I had not seen Clint naked in some time but was now thinking about him
in his older brother's room having his virgin cock beaten. I gave it
diminsions in my mind and imagined it rising up in an arc towards his belly
from his dark black bush. I had to stop thinking about it or I was going to
blow again with out touching myself.
After I dried off and got dressed from my shower I went downstairs. The
entire family was already there and we had dinner together and all of us
acted as if nothing had happened in our lives that day. The wife and two
youngest kids went to bed without incident later in the evening and that
left me and Josh awake watching 13th Warrior on HBO. It was Friday so it was
ok for him to be staying up later. I sat in an arm chair while Josh laid his
body down on the couch. He almost started dozing as soon as he laid down.
About a half hour after we had gotten settled in I looked over at Josh
and was just admiring his body. He was laying on his back in nothing but red
sweat shorts. I had noticed earlier in the evening that he was not wearing
underwear, as I think the rest may have realized at some point, because
there were several times when I could see the clear outline of his young
soft tool down the left hand side. Now I could not help but notice again as
I underaged lolitas from africa
watched the cock that had just been laying over his hip begin to twitch
and jerk and come to life.
As I sat there with my cock getting harder I watched Josh's cock swing
up one real hard time and pop out of the elastic waistband of his short
sweats. I could not believe my eyes thinking about how much cock he had
actually sticking out of his shorts. I once again had to admire that fact
that my eldest son had a fucking huge cock. As I groped my dick to my son
for the third time that day, I found myself wondering if maybe Clint got his
cock from his mom's side too. I should have taken just a peak. This sight of
Josh was gonna give me a lifetime of jack off fantasies.
Just when I was about to put my hand into my pants Josh best lolita video links made a moaning
sound. My heart caught as his butt arched up just a bit and in mid moan he
shot out a nice pool of precum. I thought I was going to faint as Josh began
to rotate his hips in time to his groans and his cock kept throbbing.
I was shocked to my senses when Josh spoke. " Oh, Lisa, you really know
how to suck that cock. I love feeling your mouth on it. I am gonna fuck your
face until I shoot that teenaged cum you like down your throat."
I never thought I could be so best lolita video links excited so many times in the same day. I
could not underaged lolitas from africa control what I knew I was gonna do. I had not sucked a dick in
over 20 years, and certainly never one quite this big, but I was gonna blow
my own son. If he wanted to fuck Lisa's face until he churned out his entire
load of cream into her mouth I was gonna let him.
I got up from the chair and undid my pants and let them fall to my
ankles. With no shorts on I was naked from waist to ankles. I shuffled over
in front of the couch and got down on my knees and grabbed my cock with my
right hand. I laid my left hand on the couch seat right next to my son's
I stroked my dick very slowly and inched my hand up until my best lolita video links finger
tips were touching my son's waist just abover his waist band. I was touching
bare skin. When I got no jump or response to indicate he was awake I began
to move my hand lolita bbs preteen underage back and forth across his naked abs. They felt really nice
and I could feel hair running from his navel that I never really noticed
before with my eyes. He looked so beautiful laying there.
I moved my hand slowly down his abs and the raised my palm just as it
was about to make conact with his prick. The exposed part felt warm and wet
as I laid my palm down on it. I thought I was gonna cover the floor in my
own cum in just a few minutes. Josh's cock was so slick as I slid the
exposed couple of inches along my hand. His cock throbbed three times and I
knew it was time to go for broke.
I left off playing with myself and used both hands to raise the loose
band of his sweats up so I could look down into them. His cock took away my
breath. Although I had seen it just that day, up close it was a whole other
marvel. To watch a cock 8+ inches long and 6+ inches wide throb and leak
precum and know that it belongs to your own teenager is a very erotic
experience. I could not believe the beauty of this blonde haired dick treat.
It was almost funny as I moved the band down to hook under his balls
and I just had to keep moving down and down. I finally just reached inside
to grab his sack and pull it out to hang over the band. Now that he was not
seconds away from an orgasm his ball sac was very large and very loose. It
conatined two of the most perfect nuts I think I have ever seen. I was once
again surprised by their size but remember thinking they were just perfect
for that big man sized cock.
I stopped myself long enough to take a good long look at my eldest boy.
I could see every inch of his front side except for the brief portion that
was covered by his shorts. He looked so peaceful lying there with his eyes
closed in sleep and his mouth slightly open. I let my eyes roam past his
neck and shoulders to admire his muscular chest and nice brown nips. The
light blonde hair was hardly visible on his teenaged body. If not for his
tan I might not have seen it at all. My eyes slid to the abs that I had
admired on my shirtless child so many times. God he was such a sight to see.
His dick looked huge rising up to his stomach and laying flat on his abs.
His man sized balls hanging over the elastic band of his shorts made my
mouth start to water. His calf muscles teen lola top 100
bulged even in relaxation and his
tanned feet were so perfect. His toes were long like fingers and I found
myself wanting to kiss his feet.
"Oh, Lisa, don't stop now. I want to cum so bad. Suck my dick just like
you do in my mind when I lay in bed and jack off at night." My boy's sex
dream induced words brought me back to the task at hand.
I gently reached up with my left hand a wrapped it around his cock
gently lifting to get my fingers underneath. I was shocked to find how much
he filled my hand. My fingers just fit around it squeezing tight and there
was at least four inches of hard wet boy cock sticking out of my fist. My
right hand reached up to lightly rub his ball sac which was beginning to
pull up as his dream took him closer to the edge.
Pointing his dick straight up in the air with my fist I stuck out my
tongue to gently lick some of his precum from his cock. It was the most
amazing taste I had ever had in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide enough to
get the head of my son's dick in it and then closed my mouth to lick the
head with my tongue. Almost at once Josh began tight young lolita pussy
to raise and lower his hips.
I flattened out my tongue and continued to lick his teen boy meat as he
pushed and pulled about 3 and a half inches in and out of my mouth. His
steady flow of lube was making my mouth taste like heaven and I was starting
to remember what I found so exciting about cocksucking as a child. This was
Josh was really starting to get into this and his hips were pumping
faster and harder. I almost choked to death when his hand wrapped around
mine and threw it away from his cock. His hand then came to the back of my
neck to push my head down as he muttered, "Come on, Baby. Take that dick
down your throat the way I like. I am gonna love filling that sexy fucking
mouth with my cum."
My mouth started salivating and was soon filled with spit. Josh's cock
was being pushed further and further into my mouth which each stroke in. I
finally took a deep breath and on his next stroke up I forced my nose down
into his pubes. I had such an incredible amount of boy cock in my mouth and
I was turned on like I have never been.
"Hisssssss, thats it. Oh fuck!"
No sooner had the word fuck left my boy's lips than I began to shoot cp board free lolita my
load in powerful squirts. For the second time that day, and the only two
times in my life, I had busted my nut with out having touched my cock.
Josh arched his ass up off of the couch and with one final moan began
to shoot the hottest and thickest fluid I had ever had in my mouth. His cock
jerked many times as he shot at least 7 squirts of boy cum into my mouth and
throat. I continued to hold what was in my mouth without swallowing while he
came down from his sexual high.
Josh spoke one final time, " Now, Baby, kiss me."
I moved my way up his hard little body and pushed my lips to his.
Josh's tongue started pushing its way between my lips and the next thing I
new I was sharing my son's delicious and strangely sweet cum with him. He
kissed me very well and very deep before swallowing and relaxing his head
back onto the couch. I moved down to the floor where I licked up my own
tangy and salty evidence, stood up and repositioned Josh back into his
shorts and went to the bathroom. By the time I came out Josh had already
woken up and gone to bed. Boy what a day!
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